FY17 Distribution Information


Record date  Paid/Payable Total amount cpss* MRV cents MPT cents MGR DRP price $
30 Dec 2016 28 Feb 2017 4.9 - 4.9 N/A
30 Jun 2017 31 Aug 2017 5.5 - 5.5 N/A

*CPSS: Cents per stapled security.


All future dates shown above are indicative only and may be subject to change.

The final taxation components for the current year distributions will be shown on your Attribution Managed Investment Trust Member Annual Statement which will be issued by the end of August 2017.

Payments may represent a distribution from Mirvac Property Trust ("MPT") ONLY.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Mirvac’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan is currently suspended

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